Company Announcements


31.01.2017Promise of Sale 31.01.2017
06.03.2017Board meeting to approve the Financial Statements as at 31 December 2016
21.03.2017Preliminary Statement of Financial Results for the year ended 31 December 2016
24.03.2017Notification of Annual General Meeting 2017
25.05.2017Annual General Meeting Held
01.08.2017Notification of Board Directors meeting
04.08.2017Promise of Sale 04.08.2017
07.08.2017Approval of Interim Financial Statements 30.06.2017
07.08.2017Interim Financial Statements 30.06.2017
07.12.2017Sliema Promise of Sale Update 07.12.2017


14.03.2016Notification of Board Meeting to approve Financial Statements
21.03.2016Preliminary Statement of Group Results and State of Affairs - 31 December 2015
21.03.2016Errata Corrige
22.03.2016St. George’s Exchange
19.04.2016AGM Agenda
10.05.2016Interim Directors' Statement
02.06.2016MPC AGM Held on 2nd June 2016
18.08.2016Scheduled Board Meeting Half Yearly Results 2016
25.08.2016Approval of Interim Financial Statements 30 June 2016
13.10.2016St. Georges Exchange