Company Strategy

MPC’s strategic vision is to become a leading player in the provision of premium commercial space in the Maltese Islands.

It intends to achieve its vision by executing the following strategy:

  • Maximise revenue from existing real estate portfolio
  • Increase revenue by redeveloping un-encumbered real estate
  • Dispose of non-strategic property within residential zones and part finance development of strategic property
  • Explore opportunities for growth beyond redevelopment projects

Primarily, MPC is a property holding company. In terms of its Memorandum of Association, the Company may, inter alia, directly or through subsidiary companies, acquire by any title whatsoever, and to take on lease or sub-lease and to dispose of, grant and/or lease and hold property of any kind, whether movable or immovable for the purposes of its business, and to construct, develop and enter into arrangements with contractors and other service providers in connection with its properties.