Marsa Spencer Hill Exchange

The Marsa Spencer Hill Exchange occupies an area of 2,663m² in a commercial area and is less than 10 minutes drive to both Valletta and the Malta International Airport. The existing property consists of a three storey building and surrounding grounds and outbuildings used mainly as offices and equipment rooms with ancillary spaces.

Two planning applications have been submitted to MEPA; one proposing the construction of a new telephone exchange at the western extremity of the site, freeing up the remaining site for redevelopment and the second proposing the demolition of the existing office building and the construction of a new one. The proposed building will consist of four underground levels of parking, a semi basement floor housing reception, business centre, retail and an F&B outlet, with three overlying floors of offices and a receded penthouse office floor. The proposed project will have a net floor rentable area (excluding car parking facilities) measuring approximately 7,500m².