Development Assets

1 Marsa Spencer Hill

(leasable area: 3,960 m2 internal and 330 m2 external) consists of a three-storey stand-alone building and surrounding grounds and private parking spaces.  The property is currently used by GO plc.

2 Naxxar Radio Link

(leasable area: 488 m2 internal and 814 m2 external) consists of offices and equipment rooms set over two floors, with a retail space occupying the groundfloor. A telecommunications pylon also stands at this site.

3 Mosta Exchange

(leasable area: 1,678 m2 internal and 2,480 m2 external) is a free-standing two-storey building surrounded by a number of outbuildings dispersed over a site measuring approximately 3,600 m2

4 Birkirkara Old Exchange

(leasable area: 2,800 m2 internal and 1,630 m2 external) is a site of approximately 4,300 square metres with three detached buildings.  The buildings are used as a retail outlet, offices and to accommodate telecommunications equipment. 

5 Rabat (Malta) Exchange

(leasable area: 714 m2) consists of a three storey block. It serves as a telephone exchange and is leased to GO plc.

6 St. Georges Exchange

(leasable area: 987 m2 internal and 1,255 m2 external) consists of a two-storey building and a surrounding yard. The property is currently vacant with a promise of sale agreement in place.